lineman on pole


original poem by Keith

 I once saw a lineman
      high in the sky.
 Putting on some orange stuff
      is what caught my eye.

 He wore a yellow hard hat
      and dark glasses for the sun
 And carried an orange stick
      that they called a shot-gun.

 High on that pole
      he was playing with the wires
 Poking and pulling,
      I was sure there'd be fires.

 He opened up a thing
      that they called a cut-out.
 Then looked down the line
      and gave a big shout.

 "It's dead! It's dead!"
      he told everyone.
 "Now let's bring in the trucks
      and get this job done."

 Now that I'm six,
      I was as impressed as could be
 Watching all the linemen
      from the Electric GV.

© 1998 All rights reserved.
printed in Golden Valley Electric Newsletter

 lineman on pole

 lineman on pole
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